December 1, 2017

Krysten + Josh | Waldo, Ohio Fall Engagement Session

Krysten + Josh

Waldo, Ohio Fall Engagement Session


Houses take time, love and determination to build. Krysten and Josh are building their home from the ground up and pouring every ounce of love into their home. I photographed their engagement session on the property of their new home and you could see the pride in both Josh and Krysten’s eyes when they talked about their home.   Their love for each other is built on their land. I know Krysten cannot wait to decorate it and put her own Chip and Joanna style into the house.


We gathered up their two lovable dogs and headed to the back part of the property. Josh had proposed to Krysten under the tree, so what better place to start the engagement session then right where this season of life started? Their dogs ran energetic circles around us and darted in and out of pictures. They were hilarious! One very brave cat from the neighbor’s yard would come over and try to get in on the action as well. We wandered all over the property and took in the gorgeous fields, trees and adorable streams that were dried up since it was fall.


Krysten and Josh, Thank you so much for having me out to your property! I loved the house tour and I can not wait to see pictures of it finished. I loved every minute of wondering about the property, getting to know you two better, and enjoying the gorgeous evening we had. I am so glad that we snuck the engagement session in a couple weeks before the wedding! I had the best time!   Your house is gorgeous and you two will have so many beautiful memories of building it, being newlyweds and all the joys that come after!


Enjoy Krysten and Josh’s Waldo engagement Session


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