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July 21, 2013

Vacation Fun at North Myrtle Beach | North Myrtle Beach Wedding Photographer

Just stopping in for a quick hello!

The past month has been a busy one.  I just got back from the annual family vacation at North Myrtle Beach.  It was a blast as it always is! I even did an impromptu mini photo shoot on the beach.  I collected tons of seashells for a couple projects.  The littlest nephew Ethan proved to be a very good seashell hunter.  He is like his auntie and enjoys the oyster shells.  Normally while I am gone I am able to get a couple blog posts up here, but there was no time for that before I left at all!  I took tons of other pictures at the beach and am excited to get those up here in the next week or so.  I took some hilarious ones on my cell phone which I will probably post as well.  I didn’t bring my big camera with me that I shoot for weddings – I brought the backup big-ish camera to the beach just in case.  The beach can be pretty harsh on camera equipment and since I knew that I had Alison and Mark’s wedding to shoot not even 12 hours after I got home I couldn’t risk something happening to the Big camera.  My little point and shoot died on me – not really – but close.  I knew the battery was going on it and brought the charger cord, but not the charger. I turned it on to take a picture down at the beach and it said ” battery exhausted “.  So that camera was short lived on the beach – which just means that I took more pictures with my cell phone camera and then took the back up camera down to the beach on a couple occasions to get some good pictures.


As I mentioned above I had a wedding to shoot once I got home. I hit the ground running with the gorgeous wedding of Alison and Mark at St. Michael and Brookshire.  You can check out their engagement session that we did at Inniswoods Metro Gardens in Westerville Ohio here.


While I am getting an teaser ready of their wedding you can enjoy this early morning sunrise picture I took on my cell phone while walking the beach.


Myrtle Beach Wedding photos

I am an Ohio based photographer who loves photographing weddings and engagements, traveling to beautiful sandy beaches, running after our adorable son Wyatt and border collie Bentley. A chips and salsa freak. Lover of  coconut smelling lotions - candles - tea  - desserts and... well anything that smells coconuty, and finally warm summer nights on our patio!  Come hang out with me on Instagram and Facebook!

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